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CT81 Disc Capacitor - High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

  • CT81 series radial leads high voltage disc ceramic capacitors.
  • The capacitors consist of a ceramic disc that is silver plated on both sides.
  • Connection leads are made of tinned copper having diameters of 0.8 mm.
  • The coating is made of blue-colored flame-retardant epoxy resin in accordance with UL 94 V-0.


 Rated voltage Range 6kVdc to 50kVdc
 Capacitance range 10pF to 10000pF
 Capacitance tolerance Standard: ±10%
 Operating frequency Max 5Mhz
 Dissipation factor Min 0.05%
 Temperature properties Min ±0.5%
 Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C, 125°C parts available


• High capacitance in small sizes

• low losses, high-frequency part available

• Wide range of different lead styles

• Radial leads disc type, single layer bare rectangular ceramic capacitor available

• Bare disc ceramic capacitor without lead available


disc capacitor model list



These capacitors are ideally suited for timing /precision circuitry, energy storage, DC blocking, snubbers, transient suppression, decoupling, resonators and EMI filtering applications, such as

• High voltage power supplies

• Voltage multipliers

• By-pass circuits, Coupling circuits

• Lighting Ballasts

• Filters, EMI / RFI filters, Snubber circuits

• High voltage pulse generator, X-ray generators

high voltage ceramic capacitor


• Capacitance
• Tolerance
• Dielectric withstanding voltage
• Dissipation Factor
• Insulation Resistance


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