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High voltage resistor

High Voltage Resistor 100M 150M 300M

Description: high voltage resistor


Tube type (thick film, noninductive design)high voltage resistor.
BSP series use a 7.0mm diameter ceramic body
BOP series use a 3.5mm diameter ceramic body
For general-purpose, max working temp. to 225°C.


Tolerance of resistance value:  ±0.5% to ±10%
Temperature coefficient: ± 50ppm/°C  or ±100ppm/°C
at +25°C~ +105°C Voltage stand:1000VDC


5 times of power rating, not higher than 150%
of max continue working voltage, 5 second, R<= ±0.5% ;

◆ LIFE: 

1000hours Power rating, R<=±0.50%


MIL-Std-202, 106 R <= ±0.40%
Pitch(Lead) material: antioxidant brass wire with tin-coated.
Cap’s material: Brass with silver-plated(for high-frequency application)
High voltage resistor
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