3 advantages of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors
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высоковольтный керамический конденсатор

High voltage ceramic capacitors are used in power systems. Generally, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are used in products such as power system metering, energy storage, and voltage division. 

To understand the advantages of hv capacitors, we must first understand his production process

The production process as follows:

Grinding powder – tablet pressing – sintering – polishing – silver coating, silver burning – welding electrodes – testing – packaging. It seems that the high-voltage ceramic capacitors one by one are actually formed through multiple processes.

Advantages of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors:

1. It has a high current ramp rate and are suitable for non-inductive structures in large current loops.

2. The special series structure of is suitable for high-voltage extremely long-term working reliability.

3. The capacity loss has high stability with temperature and frequency.

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