Свинцовый тип и винтовой тип высоковольтных керамических конденсаторов, как выбрать?
Disc capacitor
высоковольтный конденсатор дверной ручки

Many high-voltage ceramic capacitor products of the same voltage and capacity have two different shape characteristics: lead type and screw type. So, how to determine which high-voltage capacitor should be used in the application process? We use 5000PF30KV ceramic capacitors Let?s analyze the example for you.

For example, a customer wants to design a voltage doubler circuit. It is mainly composed of three components: one is a high-voltage capacitor, one is a rectifier, and the other is a transformer. The design principle is to adjust the input voltage through the transformation of the transformer. To the required output voltage, the output terminal is connected to the capacitor. The capacitor part is connected by multiple high-voltage ceramic capacitors in series, and rectified by a rectifier. The combination of the capacitor and the rectifier will bring the total voltage of the circuit to a certain height. To meet the equipment actual requirements.

Suppose you want to get a 200KV high-voltage source and use a 30KV5000PF capacitor, about 10 capacitors are needed in series. From the perspective of installation, it is definitely more convenient to use screw-type capacitors. If you use lead-type capacitors, you need a special PCB to fix it. However, , which one to use, it is not about the convenience of use, but depends on the actual parameters.

Generally, the current of the high-voltage generator is not large. The high-voltage generator of many test instruments has a current of about 10MA. Some X-RAY equipment, CT machines, the current is only about 1600MA. So overall, the current is relatively small.

Most of the high-voltage generator products are used in the medium-frequency environment, that is to say, the frequency is 10KHZ-60KHZ. Some may require 100KHZ or even 200KC, which has certain requirements on the material of the capacitor. In the high-voltage ceramic medium, it is more economical And practical is Y5T dielectric ceramic, the capacitor of this material can work in the pulse circuit within 200KHZ.

We can recommend the use of 30KV5000PF capacitors made of Y5T material to customers. Due to the small current, the lead type can meet the requirements. If the product has high current requirements and the current exceeds 2A, it is recommended to use screw type high voltage capacitors. And the correct choice The significance is that it not only meets the needs of the design space, but also reduces the cost appropriately. After all, screw-type high-voltage capacitors are much more expensive than lead-type products.

There are not many requirements for common high-voltage generators, and the above suggestions can meet the requirements. Of course, if the situation is special, products should be recommended according to the actual situation.