Ceramic capacitors are divided into 2 classes, how to distinguish them?

Class ? ceramic capacitor, which used to be called high-frequency ceramic capacitor, is a capacitor made of ceramic dielectric with low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance and linear change of dielectric constant with temperature. It is especially suitable for resonant circuits and other circuits requiring low loss and stable capacity, or for temperature compensation.

Such as: doorknob capcitor


Wysokonapięciowy kondensator ceramiczny w kształcie klamki

Class ? ceramic capacitor (Class ? ceramic capacitor) used to be called Low frequency ceramic capacitor (Low frequency cermic capacitor), which refers to the capacitor with ferroelectric ceramic as dielectric, so it is also called ferroelectric ceramic capacitor. The specific capacitance of these capacitors is large, the capacity varies nonlinearly with temperature, and the losses are large, so they are often used in electronic equipment for bypass, coupling or other circuits that do not require high losses and capacity stability.

Such as: Capacitor stacks, disc ceramic capacitor

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