What is the difference between N4700 and Y5T ceramic dielectric?

1. The ceramic capacitor made of N4700 material is a kind of ceramic material with good frequency characteristics. It is generally used in the occasions where the frequency is higher than 100KHZ and the loss angle is small (0.0001). The smaller the loss angle, the smaller the temperature rise and the smaller the frequency attenuation of the capacity.

2, N4700 material can generally be used in pulse applications, that is, fast charge and discharge. This is because in the fast charge and discharge scenario, there are strict requirements on the loss angle of the capacitor, and the Y5T material is not suitable, and the loss angle is about 0.0025.

3. Y5T material is a ceramic material that is widely used in high-frequency application environments within 50KHZ. Because of the large loss angle, this material cannot work continuously for a long time. However, this kind of capacitor has a large dielectric constant, although it is favored by designers because its size is small enough, its performance cannot be satisfied at high temperature or high frequency (within 50KHZ). Y5T cannot be used in pulse circuits.