capacitor stacks

Stacked Capacitor, Voltage Multiplier, Capacitor Stacks

  • Multiple designs up to 12 stages
  • Ceramic cascade with a voltage of up to 100,000V
  • Capacitance ratings of the individual discs from 100pF to 2400pF
  • Application: Electrostatic powder coating

Capacitor Stacks Model list

voltage multiplier, capacitor stacks

All the capacitance, voltage, number of stacks, diodes specs can be customized as request


The stacks have been developed for use in low power voltage multipliers used in high voltage DC generators. The major applications are x-ray equipment for medical diagnostics or electrostatic paint spraying equipment.

Powder Coatings: What You Need to Know

Major applications:
* Electrostatic spraying equipment.
* Powder coating machine
* Low power voltage multipliers
* High voltage DC generators.

Powder Coating

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