Capacitor Stacks 20kV 500pF

Capacitor Parameters: 15kV 150pF Blue Coating
Capacity Accuracy: (K) ±10%
Operating Temperature: -25 to +85°C
Ceramic Dielectric: Y5T
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●Common 12x voltage
●High Voltage Cascade for use on powder coating guns are available directly, see here >>

Product Function
Voltage Multiplier & capacitor stacks are mainly used in electrostatic generators, electrostatic powder guns, voltage multiplier circuit modules, high voltage negative ion generators etc.

Application areas
* High voltage electrostatic generators.
* Hand-held powder coating guns.
* Electrostatic standing machines for meltblown fabrics.
* Voltage doubling circuits.


Product Name Voltage Multiplier Specification 20KV/500PF+T75A
Real Picture
Outline drawings and dimensions
Electrical performance data
Capacity Allowable capacity deviation Rated Voltage Testing voltage Dielectric loss Insulation Resistance
500pf ±10% DC20KV DC30KV <1% >10∧5MΩ
HV diodes 2CL75A
Packing Method Inner packing: film bag/small carton; Outer Packing: carton
Storage Method Temperature: 0~40 ° C Humidity: <80%RH

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