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Since 1993

Jingdian HighVoltage Capacitor is a subsidiary of Suzhou Hailin Electronic established in 1993, is a technical and management team composed of domestic deep-funded electronic ceramic experts, focusing on the research and development and production of high voltage ceramic capacitor.

After 20 years of development, our brand high voltage ceramic capacitor have been recognized by many customers all over the world. In the high-end ceramic capacitor market, Our products have reached 50% market volume. In 5 years, the market share will reach over 80%, and the global market share will reach over 30%.



  • The domestic market share of medical equipment application market is more than 50%.
  • Cooperative customers include: Philips, Neusoft Medical, Spellman, Carestream, United Imaging, EMDtechnologies…
  • A technical team composed of deep-funded electronic ceramic experts
  • Have rich experience in CT machine high frequency and high voltage power supply, X-ray machine power supply, 350KV charged particle accelerator power supply, 500KV~800KV laser power supply.